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With a decidedly dark and twisty side, a sarcastic edge and a passion for words - welcome to my world. I've been accused of having my own personal chaos magnet - in my shaky defense...nope, I got nothing. All I can say is that these things actually happened - I couldn't possibly make this stuff up. My world can best be described as life under the bus. I offer a quick disclaimer - I am not responsible for what happens in my head, it just happens - deal with it, I do!!

I’ve moved – New Address!

The Nasty Wench, Tales from the Asylum has officially moved to its very own website.  If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read here, all the posts have been moved over the the new site along with new material.  Please check out … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Handfishin’

Oh, for fk sake… seriously?!? ( full disclosure – this post is from my archives, an oldie but a goodie) I kid you not.  I have had a terrible couple of weeks, just got back from my electrolysis appointment (waging … Continue reading

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My Life as…a what?

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things isn’t the same (now try getting that Sesame Street song out of your head…you’re welcome!) My Life as…dolls that come in a variety of styles, occupations.  Hhhmmm, … Continue reading

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Ripped From the Headlines…Part 2

Teen Shoots Dad With Arrow Over Cell Phone Once again …that’s the headline.  A 35 yr old man in rural Washington was airlifted to hospital after his 15 yr old daughter shot him in the head with a hunting bow … Continue reading

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Plenty of WTF

I took a stab at online dating – it was not pretty.  My options for meeting someone are fairly limited – I work for a really small company (no interesting candidates there) and I volunteer with an agency that is … Continue reading

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Ode To a Wal Mart Greeter

All due respect to Wal Mart Greeters around the world but if you ever walk into a Wal Mart and I’m there greeting you, take me out to the parking lot and back over me.  Assume that I’m being held … Continue reading

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Fresh Wenchery to be posted tomorrow, in the meantime I have discovered that the Kung Fu countermove to Cockwaffle is…drum roll please…Twat-Waffle, I really should have seen that coming   ∼ the nasty wench ∼

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