My Life as…a what?


One of these things is not like the others, one of these things isn’t the same (now try getting that Sesame Street song out of your head…you’re welcome!)

doll 2.jpg

My Life as…dolls that come in a variety of styles, occupations.  Hhhmmm, okay, so what have we got.  A collection of 11 dolls representing various lifestyles and occupations.  I’ll give them some credit – of 11 dolls, one is male, so there’s that.  Three are different ethnicities, well played.  The occupations are a little sexist – hairdresser, baker, figure skater, ballerina, pop star…meh, there is one that appears to be academic and another is a cowgirl, so okay. 

This is where they lost me:

Cowgirl…can be a lifestyle or occupation, check.  Hairstylist, check.  I found myself wondering what lifestyle or occupation would be represented by the pj’s…Sleepover Host.  When the fk did sleepover host become either a lifestyle or an occupation?  What would you like to be when you grow up…oh, a sleep over host…you can quit school now, requires no education whatsoever, seriously…that’s a skill you can master after a week of grade 1, just long enough to meet a few friends to invite over.  My Life as…a sleepover host – I don’t think it pays well, or at all…but you get to wear your jammies all the time.  Wait a minute, a lifestyle that lets me live in my jammies…I withdraw my objection…c’mon over for pillow fights, makeovers and a round or two of truth or dare.

∼ the nasty wench ∼


About The Nasty Wench

With a decidedly dark and twisty side, a sarcastic edge and a passion for words - welcome to my world. I've been accused of having my own personal chaos magnet - in my shaky defense...nope, I got nothing. All I can say is that these things actually happened - I couldn't possibly make this stuff up. My world can best be described as life under the bus. I offer a quick disclaimer - I am not responsible for what happens in my head, it just happens - deal with it, I do!!
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3 Responses to My Life as…a what?

  1. welcometoskaamoog says:

    PJs all the time, that’s a job I could be down for… sign me up!

  2. Alicia says:

    I believe the only occupation or lifestyle the allows for you to wear pj all day is unemployment. And the pay sucks!!! My only real question is when one becomes a “sleep over host” given the pay scale can you write off the expense of hosting as a business expense for a tax refund?

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