Ya, I don’t think so…



Stopped in at a local job fair this afternoon with my son’s girlfriend when we wandered near a display from a school bus driving agency. 

Their rep says “Have you ever considered driving school bus?” 

My immediate reaction was “No, no I haven’t.  The idea of being trapped on a moving vehicle with 40 or 50 kids seems like a colossally bad idea to me, nope”.  My son’s girlfriend echoes my sentiments. 

Not to be discouraged, she hands me her card and says “just in case you change your mind”. 

Color me confused. 

“You did just hear me say that I can’t think of a worse idea than turning my back on a bus load of kids?”

She’s still determined to give me her card. 

So, let me get this straight, you would consider hiring me to shepherd a busload of kids to school despite the fact that I’ve just declared in a very public forum, using my outside voice, with witnesses that I can’t think of a worse job?   If circumstances in my life ever bring me to a place where I’m willing to reconsider your offer, it will be difficult to maneuver a bus ’cause I’ll be wearing a jacket with sleeves that tie in the back (and a kick ass sparkly purple helmet).

Exactly who are you turning down?

~ the nasty wench ~


About The Nasty Wench

With a decidedly dark and twisty side, a sarcastic edge and a passion for words - welcome to my world. I've been accused of having my own personal chaos magnet - in my shaky defense...nope, I got nothing. All I can say is that these things actually happened - I couldn't possibly make this stuff up. My world can best be described as life under the bus. I offer a quick disclaimer - I am not responsible for what happens in my head, it just happens - deal with it, I do!!
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